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We’re living in a digital era where farmers can access valuable insights into their livestock, inventory, feed, and other cattle information on their mobile phones. The primary purpose of cattle management apps is to streamline and automate the entire process by minimizing manual labor. Furthermore, the farmers can quickly resolve issues at the earliest, such as shortage of feed and manage the inventory.

5 Cattle Management Apps That You Can Rely On

With hundreds and thousands of applications available on Android and iOS, it becomes a challenging task to decide on a suitable cattle management app. The good news is we have done the research for you and shortlisted the following 5 top-rate cattle management apps. Not only that, but you’ll also learn about the functionality of all these apps to make a well-informed decision before downloading the cattle management app.

CTA - Cattle Management Apps

Farmwizard Beef Management

As the name suggests, the Farmwizard beef management is exclusively designed for beef farmers who want to maintain herd records and performance on their phones. For example, the farmers can record the breeding date, cattle movement, and herd health.

Farmwizard Beef Management App
Source: Farm Wizard

One of the greatest benefits of using this beef management app is that it calculates the beef cost and even determines break-even costs. This way the farmers can input the cattle weight and price for the entire herd to determine the weight gain and individual turnover.

In addition to that, you can also maintain online medical purchases, feed, and the treatment cost of the herd.

This high-tech Farmwizard Beef management app stores all the information on a highly secure cloud that allows the farmers to upload, record, synchronize and download the data from the app.

The app interface features all the programs such as stock take, add a note, herd change, mobility score, and conditional score. Moreover, you can also scan the passports to count the herd while going inside and outside the farm.


FarmGRAZE - Livestock Management App

The FarmGRAZE is a state-of-the-art farm management app that facilitates farmers to record, manage, and measure the grazing to optimize time and unrequired use of feeds or fertilizer. It’s a perfect app for the farmers who deal with sheep, beef cattle, and dairy cows.

Using FrameGRAZE not only regulates the use of feed and fertilizer but also assists in minimizing cattle waste. The farmers can record grass growth, grass sward height, grazing system, and overall feeding activities. Later, the app automatically calculates the grazing level and provides recommendations to manage it.

You can see traffic-light visuals on the app to indicate if the field is producing the desired yield or not.

Stock Move Express

Stock Move Express - Cattle App

Managing acres of farm and hundreds of cattle is a challenging task. That’s why the Stock Move Express app saves the farmers from all the hassle of keeping records of their cattle. The app is essentially linked to the National Livestock Management Database NLMD online management software to share information about cattle breed, movement, and death.

The farmer no longer needs to keep a count manually; instead, simply tag the calf and apply for its passport to update the records and relevant comments. Furthermore, you can also update the medical record, medicines bought, and the treatment given to your cattle.

Stock Move Express is helping the farmers in the UK to update their cattle records and register the herd online. This way you can save your time about notifying and reporting the cattle movement to BCMS or ScotEID.

Moocall Breed Manager

Moocall Breed Manager
Source: Moocall

The Moocall Bread manager is exclusive to managing the castle breeding process. The farmers can input the cattle detail and automatically calculate the due dates. Moreover, the farmers can also access the historic calving events.

Founded in 2015, Moocall is dedicated to relieving farmers from the stress of managing the breeding process.

The farmers can connect the Moocall Breed manager with the calving sensors to monitor the pregnant cows and send alerts and notifications to the farmer about the labor time.

This way, the farmers can significantly reduce the calving complications that lead to a high mortality rate.


iLivestock - Cattle Management App

The iLivestock app facilitates the farmers to record herd information, including:

  • Herd movement
  • Breeding information
  • Medicine sued in the treatment

This easy-to-use app features a straightforward interface that automatically backs up the information to offer you offline and online access. Moreover, iLivestock is compliant with the relevant legislation, allowing the UK farmers to save up to eight hours each month of cattle record keeping.

The app allows the farmers to record breeding information and retrieve it whenever they want. In addition, you can scan all the purchased medicines and update the information whenever you use them. This way, the app automatically deducts the used medicines from your online medicine stock cupboard.

The farmers can speed up the weighing process by connecting the app to the eWeigh device to automatically record the cattle weight.

One of the most significant benefits of using Livestock is creating small groups online, naming them, and analyzing their respective performance.


Every cattle management app has a specific role, such as one app is dedicated to managing breeding while the other app records the cattle movement. You can make your pick depending on which aspect of farm cattle management would you like to automate.

If you’ve only recently realized the importance of investing in a cattle management app to make the management of the farm and all that comes with it easier, it’s best to trust reliable app developers like Folio3. Folio3 develops and customize cattle management software and apps to enhance user experience, allowing you to track your castle performance, production, weight and health record, and other helpful information to generate alerts and management reports. One of the main reasons for developing a customized app is to integrate all the information related to cattle on one platform to save time and energy, enabling farmers to invest their time and energy where it’s needed most.

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