Cattle Counting Drone

For cattle ranchers, the process of cattle counting involves a lot of effort. In extreme weather conditions, it can get very frustrating and time consuming for cattle ranchers especially in cases when the field inventory numbers don’t match with the numbers at the management head-office. This is a critical activity that is required every time when:

– Your account needs an inventory audit

– Lender requires to inspect cattle

– Your receiving a new lot from the backward supply chain

– You are transferring your existing lot to the forward supply chain

Here is good news for feedlot managers. There are cattle counting software now available that make the process of counting cattle much easier. With computer vision-based surveillance cameras as well as drones, high resolution pictures of pen can be taken and processed to know the exact count of cattle.

Moreover, cattle management drones can be used as a tool for handling the daily herd count. These drones can be programmed to leverage Computer Vision based learning models to implement animal detection and tracking.

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