The Best Cattle Management Software for Breeders, Feedlots, Associations, & Certification Programs

Many beef cattle farms and ranches lack the visibility they need for effective cattle management. Folio3 Animal Care Practice solves this problem by offering a tailor-made cattle management software for commercial and registered beef cattle operations. Commercial cattle producers can use our cattle software to track cattle production and performance information, in addition to recording Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs), Pedigrees, Multiple Ownerships, and Semen & Embryo Inventory. 

With our cattle software, ranches can easily view and edit data such as pedigree, source, weight records, health records, and more on every individual animal. Users can also specify some fields as group fields which means all the animals in the group will share the same value. We also help ranchers leverage Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID), Electronic Identification Devices (EID), embedded ear tag sensors, and third-party GIS or GPS software to easily track cattle locations.

Our cattle management experts can help you easily exchange data with breed associations and comply with regulatory standards set by USDA, FDA, FSIS. With our comprehensive ranch management software, cattle producers gain complete control over workers, field management, accounting, maintenance, and more. An interactive dashboard helps management track the progress of each task and record submission so that issues can be prevented before they arise. Digitize your beef cattle management practices so your workers don’t have to carry a paper-based cattle record book.

Livestock Management Software Tailored For Your Business

Feature-Rich Cattle Software Lets You Make Informed, Performance-Enhancing Decisions

Management Reports

Get real-time insights into cattle production and performance information. Reporting dashboard highlights up-to-date cattle inventory, upcoming calving, and upcoming events.

Alerts & Notifications

Our rancher software gives you instant alert when a standard operating procedure is not followed. This allows you to rectify quality issues as and when they arise.

Search Cattle

The search feature works across individual animal’s ID, ear tag, or group number, making it easier for cattle managers to quickly find and locate the cattle they are looking for.

Feedlot Management Software

Cattle Breeding Software Tailored For Your Business

Cattle Inventory Software Made For Non-Commercial and Commercial Cattle Producers

Cattle Inventories

Digitize cattle inventory spreadsheets and see real-time cattle inventory records by individuals, groups, identification numbers, batch number, and more.

Cattle Records

View and update cattle records on breeding, calving, measurements, and health for both individual and group animals. Take photos of your cattle right from the field and upload them on the go.

Cattle Groups

Our ranch manager software lets you assign animals to different groups based on type, pasture, status, category, and more. Group records are automatically updated.

Cattle Movement

With our livestock inventory software, pasture movements are recorded when an animal is moved and alerts are sent for instant reporting.

Herd Management Software Tailored For Your Business

Manage and Improve Breeding Performance with our Cattle Breeding Software

Feedlot Management Software

Breeding Reports

Our breeding software lets users see a list of active animals along with their birth, last calving, and last breeding dates. Easily record and review pregnancy checks and projected calving dates.

Breeding Metrics

Easily record key breeding metrics including calving ease, calving vigour, birth weight and docility. Track the performance of individual sires to make the best breeding decisions.

Artificial Insemination

Our livestock management software supports both natural breeding and artificial insemination. Record, track, and calculate AI conception rates to decide how many cleanup bulls you need in your breeding line-up.

Breeding History

See all offspring of individual cows, including birth, weaning, and sales information all on one screen. Link cattle records, make pedigree trees, and identify productive cows.

Performance Statistics

Performance statistics help you identify productive animals. Use metrics like average calving and post partum intervals to manage, monitor, and improve performance.

RFID Cattle Management Software Tailored For Your Business

Keep Your Cattle Healthy & Stress-Free

Individual & Group Health Management

Manage cattle health records for individuals and group. Digitize cattle book keeping and record treatment date, diagnosis, medication, dosage, veterinarian, inventory number, temperature and more.

Manage Withdrawal Periods

Mange withdrawal periods and receive alerts if you move an ineligible animal. The correct date is calculated automatically based on the number of withdrawal days entered.

Cattle Management System Tailored For Your Business

Case Study: How We Automated Cattle Record Keeping for the American Angus Association's 25,000 Members!

The American Angus Association is the largest beef breed association in the United States with over 25,000 members. The association was looking to develop a digital solution that would automate cattle record keeping, making it easier for ranchers to mange cattle records. Based on our experience in cattle management system development, they chose us as their technology partner to help them develop the Angus Black Book app – a comprehensive cattle record keeping app for all farmers and ranchers.

The Angus Black Book app is now cattlemen’s digital record book. Here are some of the key features that the ranch software offers:

  • Mobile App for Ranch Workers.
  • Web Based Admin Platform for Ranch Owners.
  • Ranch workers can enter and submit records using the Angus Black Book app.
  • Pedigree, progeny, health, genetic evaluations, carcass characteristics, and other records are centralized.
  • A reporting and analytics dashboard enables ranch owners to assign tasks to workers and track task progress.

Ranch Accounting Software Tailored For Your Business

Case Study: How We Enabled Progressive Beef to Digitize its Feedlot Quality Assurance Program

ProgressiveBeef is the largest USDA certified beef marketing program in the United States. Progressive Beef wanted to develop a solution to digitize its feedlot quality assurance program. Based on our expertise in developing cattle management systems, they chose us as their digital transformation partner to help them digitize paper-based processes and develop the Progressive Beef Platform.

Our feedlot management software has completely digitized their Beef Marketing program. Here are some of the key features that the solution offers:

  • Web based dashboard for program managers, auditors, veterinarians, and feedlot owners.
  • Cross-platform, Multi-Lingual mobile app for feedlot managers, veterinarians, supervisors and workers.
  • Real-time tracking of cattle daily care, home pen living conditions, water tank cleanliness, and more.
  • Dynamic task designer allows feedlot managers to assign tasks to workers with clear instructions and SOPs.
  • Feedlot managers can track progress of recurring and non-recurring tasks.

Cattle Ranch Management Software Tailored For Your Business

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Save Time, Reduce Cost, & Improve Performance With Our Cattle Software

With 15+ years of experience in the development of cattle software programs coupled with our extensive knowledge of the cattle production industry, we can develop tailor-made solutions that can help you  better manage your cattle management practices, whether you’re a breeder, feeder, packer, association, or beef marketing program.

Folio3 offers customizable solutions to meet specific business requirements.
We provide top of the line, high quality services at minimal cost.
A one-stop-solution partner for all your development needs.
We offer solutions that are high scalable and can grow alongside your business.

Livestock Management Software Tailored For Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you manage accounting for Livestock?

In the livestock production, care, and management industry, all production animals such as cows, sheep, goats, pigs, etc are considered assets. Their accounting is managed the same way as other assets. The direct and indirect cost incurred in health care and management are recorded and capitalized to the asset until they are moved or sold to the forward partner in supply chain.

Will I still need to use any Cattle Management Excel Template?

Our cattle herd management software is very comprehensive. Our dynamic task designer let’s you digitize all paper-based proesses. If you’re in the beef business, you don’t to have to carry paper-based beef cattle management practices worksheet. Managers can create digital forms using a web application, where as, workers can fill the forms using a cross-platform mobile app.

Can it be integrated with a third party Cattle Inventory Software?

Our Cattle Management Software can be integrated with any software that you are already using. We have the expertise to offer integrations for 3rd party applications and products.

Which is the best cattle management software?

The best cattle management software is the one that 1) provides you a comprehensive list of features 2) offers you the flexibility to customize features according to your needs, and 3) allows integration with your existing software and products. We at Folio3 meet all the requirements and offer one of the best cattle management softwares and livestock management systems out there.

Does your Ranch Manager Software offer the ability to manage multiple ranches?

We understand that managers and workers may be associated with multiple ranches. Our ranch management software allows users to manage multiple ranches or farms using a single account.

Where do I read your Cattle Management Software reviews?

Reviews of the cattle management systems that we have developed can be read in the Success Stories section of our website. We are a Silicon Valley based tech company and we have successfuly delivered over 1200 web and mobile applications for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups.

Delivering the Best, Always!

We are beyond impressed with the solution Folio3 created. Having seen the solution evolve from the initial idea to wireframes, to a fully functioning app in such a short time is simply amazing. I’m grateful to the Folio3 team for all the effort they’ve put in, it truly shows in the end product’s function and creativity.

Ginette Gottswiller - Director of Commercial Programs & Angus Source, Angus Association of America

The overall experience has been very good. Everyone contributes wonderful ideas and works hard. Appreciate all the efforts of the team no matter if it is a holiday, wedding or weekend. Much appreciated. It is difficult to single out one or two people because many have worked tirelessly to get this to the point we are today.

Folio3 has done a fantastic job! Thanks to their efforts, we were not only able to bring our idea for the Petzam app to life, but have also managed to get it approved for usage by two leading multi-national animal health companies.

Eric Shank - Founder, Petzam

The overall experience has been very good. Everyone contributes wonderful ideas and works hard. Appreciate all the efforts of the team no matter if it is a holiday, wedding or weekend. Much appreciated. It is difficult to single out one or two people because many have worked tirelessly to get this to the point we are today.

We are very excited to see the new PigWise app rolling out to production. When we had discussed the initial idea with Folio3 we had no idea that the final build would look this good. You guys rock!.

Matthew Helpern - Division Owner, Zoetis

The overall experience has been very good. Everyone contributes wonderful ideas and works hard. Appreciate all the efforts of the team no matter if it is a holiday, wedding or weekend. Much appreciated. It is difficult to single out one or two people because many have worked tirelessly to get this to the point we are today.

The Folio3 team did an amazing job. They really look out for the customer and try and do the best for them. Very impressed with the final product they delivered. I really enjoyed working with their team and would highly recommend them.

Sarah Schumacher - Progressive Beef Program Manager at, Zoetis

The overall experience has been very good. Everyone contributes wonderful ideas and works hard. Appreciate all the efforts of the team no matter if it is a holiday, wedding or weekend. Much appreciated. It is difficult to single out one or two people because many have worked tirelessly to get this to the point we are today.

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