Our Digital Discovery Program

Based on over 10 years of mobile & web app development experience, our Digital Discovery Program uses the lean startup approach to quickly determine the usability and effectiveness of a digital solution (whether mobile or web) concept.

Each digital solution concept is visualized via wireframes then prototyped and put to real usage to gather user feedback. Based on this data, the solution’s flow and functionality are either refined, or pivoted to a different solution to effectively address the identified need.

How Our Digital Discovery Program Works

Our Digital Solution Discovery Program consists of the following phases and deliverables.

Innovation Workshop

These are essentially a series of brain storming sessions where we assess business needs, discuss potential solution concepts that can fulfill those needs and select the best ones (3 to 5) for wire-framing and prototyping (wire frames are developed within 24 hours using tools like Axure, Balsamiq, etc.).


These prototypes are essentially clickable mock-ups of the proposed digital solution ideas that simulate the actual solution’s user experience, by providing a minimum set of features that the user can try out, using dummy data & simple back end logic. The prototypes are given to a few early adopters to try out and their feedback gathered via surveys, built-in analytics, interviews and observations of user behavior.

Iterate & Finalize UI / UX

Based on this feedback and user experience data, we deliver a final clickable prototype of the digital solution (whether web or mobile), along with a proposal and architecture for the actual solution’s build out.


Should you choose to move ahead, we build out the complete solution and backend for you and deploy it in your production environment.

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