Customer Success Stories

Zoetis - Progressive Beef

Mobile & web based solution for the quality management of cattle feed yards that enables management of day to day quality assurance activities, SOPs & maintenance

American Angus Association - Black Book

An app based cattle record keeping & management platform that automates cattle record keeping & ranch management for commercial & non-commercial users

Agri Beef - Ecommerce & ERP Enhancement

Ecommerce migration to Magento 2 & integration with Dynamics AX ERP, along with Magento and Dynamics AX custom development


One on one virtual meeting & networking platform that links pet owners to veterinarians & enables pet owners to get instant help from vets via live video conferencing

Zoetis - Pig Wise

Multi-platform mobile & web based solution that allows caregivers to track and record swine health data, related activities & tasks in real time, while providing farm owners and production managers with updates & reports about the activities performed by their staff

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