Food Safety Modernization Act

The Food Safety Modernization Act

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act was passed in 2011 that all food manufacturers must follow to ensure food safety. This act was passed to introduce new methods and standards to ensure all the food manufacturers and suppliers are aware of the food safety standards and regulations. To follow this act, all the food manufacturers and the food distributors delivering the food to the consumers must know the food safety essentials.

This article will cover all the details of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and why it must be followed by the food manufacturers and the food suppliers. Reading on will also help you know about the five essential elements of food safety.

The Important Must-Know FSMA Elements

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) research in America, up to 128000 people were hospitalized due to the improper manufacturing of the food they ate. While there were 3000 deaths due to lagging in food safety. FDA has provided the best opportunity to maintain the quality and safety of the food by following the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Here, we’re going to discuss briefly the five essential elements that every food manufacturer and food supplier must know to follow the Food Safety Modernization Act.

1. Fees to pay for Producers and Merchants

According to this law, food manufacturers, suppliers, and inspectors have to pay the registration fees of $500 annually to increase the awareness of the buyers or consumers and the human resources.

2. Compulsory Safety Standards for the Area of Business

Since there were so many rules and instructions to follow by the food manufacturers and the suppliers, it was hard to understand and follow them. Considering this, FDA has made it easy to follow the rules by introducing new and easy rules for the food manufacturers and categorized them according to the size of businesses. Food manufacturers and suppliers need to find the list of rules according to their type of business and follow them.

3. Essential Regular Inspection of the FDA

To ensure the quality and the safety of the food by following the new rules, according to the law, the FDA has the power to visit your area of business and inspect all the things. FDA is also intended to ensure the safety of the food by the daily inspections.

4. FDA Mandatory Recalls

During the process of food manufacturing, it is possible to neglect the contaminated quantities. According to the FDA, the prevention of the spread of these contaminates elements is a must as these can be harmful to anybody. To ensure its safety, the FDA also has the power to support recalls for the satisfaction of the consumers.

5. Disciplinary Models for Non-Compliance

According to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the FDA has the authority to cancel the registration of any food manufacturing company. If there find any harmful method, ingredient, non-compliance, or any harmful element in the production of the food. So, the FDA has introduced new models that must follow to ensure food production safety.

What is its Future?

As the Food Safety Modernization Act was passed just a few years ago, so the changes, modifications, new rules and strategies, methods are in process to ensure the safety and the quality of the food manufacturing by the companies and distributed to the consumers the suppliers. The FDA is working on the new methods and plans because the FDA is passionate about the health of the people eating these foods. 

Be aware and make yourself up to date about the new rules applying to this law. The food manufacturers and the food suppliers are just needed to find the updates according to the size of their businesses.

How Food Software Can Aid in Recall Readiness

As we have discussed in point 4, the FDA is always available to know the consumers’ complaints to ensure the safety measures of the food. In this case, you must have software according to the size of your business to maintain all information of the food production to process a recall, if need be. By putting all the information of your warehouse, productions, methods of preparing the food, and ordering the food, we can fulfill the recall to ensure the safety standards of the food manufacturing.

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