Folio3 is a California based software solutions partner for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies that specializes in animal healthcare solutions. With over 6 years of experience and expertise in the animal healthcare space, building digital transformation solutions for some of the world’s leading animal health companies, livestock organizations and cattle & beef brands; we have the industry know-how and technology expertise necessary to help you optimize and better manage your animal health procedures and practices, whether you’re a farm or ranch owner, feed yard operator or animal care specialist.

How We Work

We understand the importance of using technology in animal health management. Our industry leading, mobile & web based digital solutions are specifically designed to help farmers, ranchers and animal care specialists overcome the challenges they face in livestock and companion animal healthcare and management; by optimizing animal care practices and providing a better, more efficient way of recording, tracking and analyzing animal health data, thereby providing actionable insights and helping drive better decision making. Which ultimately helps improve ranch and feed yard productivity and profitability, as well as animal longevity.

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