Barn Manager

Farm management software that allows cattle producers, food processors and certification programs ensure quality & compliance

Many cattle producers, food processors and meat certification programs lack the control and visibility they want and need for effective quality and compliance management. Our farm management software solves this problem by providing a mobile based quality management solution that digitizes your paper based processes and automates workflows, giving you real-time visibility into your critical quality metrics.

The multiplatform quality management software streamlines the management of workforce, activities and inventory. You can quickly create dynamic forms, setup data driven workflows and assign tasks to automate your processes. Your workforce can use the mobile app to submit activity logs and checklists associated with each task.

The backend web app allows you to see a consolidated view of quality compliance across different units, allowing you to remedy quality related issues before they arise. With real-time insight into task progress, keeping track of productivity, measuring KPIs and identifying areas of improvement has never been easier.

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Eliminate Paperwork to Make Data Collection Faster & More Accurate

Capture Photos

With the option to capture photos and videos of a completed task or activity, you can ensure task completion without the need for onsite inspection.

Digital Signatures

With our farm management software you can get digital sign off from quality control managers for a completed task by providing digital signature and satisfaction rating.

Comments & Feedback

Increase delivery quality and ensure outstanding performance by allowing workers to give and receive feedback against each activity.

Offline Recording

Create a more efficient quality process by having workers submit activity logs and checklists even when offline so that your data is always up to date.

Easily Create Custom Workflows to Automate Your Operational Processes

Task Allocation

Increased efficiency in task addition, allocation and management ensures enhanced staff monitoring, progress tracking and accountability.

Forms & Checklists

Easily create dynamic, easy-to-use forms and checklists to record a wide range of metrics needed to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Alerts & Notifications

Get instant notifications about quality issues across all areas of your operations. Custom alerts allow you to remedy quality issues before they arise.


Attach manuals and documents with tasks so your workers can access important documents on their devices instead of carrying them separately.

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Get A 360 Degree View Into All Areas Of Your Quality Management Operations

Data Centralization

With the ability to access centralized facility data via desktops, smartphones or tablets, get a 360 degree view into all areas of your operation.

Real-Time Reports

Since every update is reflected in real-time, reports are generated with little to no delay; enabling informed and quick decision-making.

Staff Performance

With real-time insight into task progress & employee performance, keeping track of productivity and measuring KPIs has never been easier.

Benchmark Analysis

Compare performance across different farms to set benchmarks and use the analysis results to motivate the low performing ones to deliver higher quality.

Track, Automate & Manage Critical Business Processes With Great Efficiency

Inventory Management

Get total visibility into your critical assets. Improved inventory management functionality helps you track and get automated reports on all your assets.

Activity Management

Allocate tasks to users and track their progress based on weekly, monthly and yearly plans. See the list of ongoing, completed and missed tasks based on filters provided.

Resource Management

With advanced features, tracking your workforce, measuring their efficiency and obtaining accurate worker cost per activity/equipment is so easy.

Certification Management

Cattle producers, food processors and certification program administrators can see a consolidated view of quality compliance across all areas of operations.

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Some of Our Customers

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Why Barn Manager?

Whether you’re a cattle producer, meat processor or run a certified beef marketing program, our goal is to provide you with the best farm management software in the industry. With our 15+ years of experience in delivering digital transformation solutions for the animal care industry, we design solutions that seamlessly integrate with your other applications. Here is what makes Barn Manager unique:

Barn Manager can be customized to meet specific business requirements.
We provide top of the line, high quality services at minimal cost.
Barn Manager is a one-stop solution for all your business needs.
Barn Manager is highly scalable and can grow alongside your business.

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