Horse Management Software for Horse Stables, Riding Clubs & Equestrian Centers

Our goal is to connect the entire equine industry and lifestyle in one place. Hooves is a horse management software that connects horse stables, riding clubs and equestrian centers with horse owners. The equine software comes with a horse care app that allows your customers to track and monitor the health and care of their horses, while you focus on managing your equine business.

When we entered the animal care industry, we quickly realized there were a lot of people involved in the management of horses. So from day to day stall management, boarding needs, training plans, veterinarian exams, farrier visits and even customer care, Hooves can manage it all.

With our horse management software, you can connect your trainers, veterinarians, farriers, boarders and other equine service providers directly to your customers so they can sit back and relax that their horse is in safe hands. We have made Hooves to be a one-of-a-kind equine app that your customers can rely upon every day for their horse’s health and well-being.

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Connect Horse Owners With Your Equine Service Providers Using Our Horse Care App

Task and Activity Tracking

Allow horse owners to track and manage everything about their horse’s health, activities, and records with our cutting edge horse care app.

Photo & Video Sharing

Equine service providers can capture and share important moments with horse owners assuring them that their horse is in good hands.

Automated Communication

From care takers and farriers to veterinarians and more, horse owners can stay connected with them all.

Comments & Feedback

Hooves lets you improve delivery quality and ensure outstanding performance by allowing horse owners to give feedback against each activity performed by care takers.

Use Our Equine Management Software to Automate Equine Care Services

Task Allocation

Our equine software offers a comprehensive dashboard where you can add and allocate group and individual tasks and monitor task progress.

Forms & Checklists

Create dynamic forms and have your staff collect accurate data using the horse care app. The app works offline so data can be submitted when the service is back.

Alerts & Notifications

Get instant notifications about quality issues across all areas of your equine operations. Custom alerts allow you to remedy quality issues before they arise.


Attach manuals and documents with tasks so equine service providers can access important documents on their devices instead of carrying them separately.

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Our Equine App makes Horse Record Keeping Faster & More Accurate

Horse Health Records

Complete horse record keeping for hoof care, vaccinations, medications, dentistry, maintenance, deworming, insurance and more!

Pedigree Records

Hooves lets you save unlimited mare and stallion records. Track follicles, pregnancy checks, breeding history, fertility and bookings.

Performance & Training

Easily manage horse profiles and get performance and training records at your fingertips. Use the journal to keep track of notes and ideas.

Expense Records

Record expenses for a range of categories like feed, training, sales, and more. Easily attach pictures of invoices, injuries, weight, etc when you add records.

Get A 360 Degree View Into All Areas Of Your Operations With Our Stable Management Software

Data Centralization

With the ability to access centralized, real-time facility data, get a 360 degree view into all areas of your equine management operations.

Inventory Management

Get total visibility into your critical assets. Improved inventory management functionality helps you track and get automated reports on all your assets.

Resource Management

With advanced features, tracking your workforce, measuring their efficiency and obtaining accurate worker cost per activity/equipment is so easy.

Financial Management

Manage customer relationships and integrate financial management solutions to automate payment invoicing, receiving and processing.

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Some of Our Customers

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Why You Should Get Hooves Horse Management Software?

Whether you’re breeding horses, training horses, boarding horses, providing riding lessons or any combination, our goal is to provide you with the best horse management software in the industry!

Hooves can be customized to meet specific business requirements.
We provide top of the line, high quality solutions at minimal cost.
Hooves is a one-stop-solution for all your business needs.
Hooves is highly scalable and can grow alongside your business.

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